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Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance presented an initiative to try to respond to the demands of the mayor’s offices that had their social programs suspended after the government of Nayib Bukele reduced the Fund for Economic and Social Development (FODES).

The ministry’s proposal, received and approved yesterday by the Legislative Assembly, is to allocate $50 million annually to distribute among 243 municipalities, with a common goal of fewer than 73,000 inhabitants.

After the Assembly approved at the end of 2021 the reduction in the percentage of FODES that was given to the mayor’s offices (from 10% to 1.5%), several communes were forced to close scholarship programs or the provision of services to their communities, such as coffins, transfer to hospitals, or others.

This was the subject of several protests by communes before the DOM, whose function delegated by law includes only the realization of physical works, not social programs. In addition, several municipalities have reduced personnel or services delivered to citizens.


Devuelven parte de sus fondos a las alcaldías

El ministerio de Hacienda presentó ayer una iniciativa para intentar dar respuesta a las demandas de las alcaldías que vieron suspendidos sus programas de corte social tras la decisión del gobierno de Nayib Bukele de recortarles el Fondo de Desarrollo Económico y Social (FODES).

La propuesta del ministerio, recibida y aprobada ayer mismo por la Asamblea Legislativa, consiste en asignar $50 millones anuales a distribuir entre 243 alcaldías, cuyo punto en común es tener menos de 73,000 habitantes.

Luego que la Asamblea aprobara a finales del 2021 la reducción del porcentaje de FODES que se entregaba a las alcaldías (del 10 % al 1.5 %), varias comunas se vieron obligadas a cerrar programas de becas, o de prestación de servicios a sus comunidades, como ataúdes, traslado a hospitales, u otros.